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Strategy Canvas

The Strategy Canvas, a key component of the Blue Ocean Strategy framework, is a powerful tool for visualizing a company's competitive landscape. It helps in identifying factors that the industry competes on and invests in.

By plotting these factors on a graph, companies can see how they and their competitors are positioned in terms of these key competitive elements. This analysis allows businesses to recognize opportunities for creating new market spaces (Blue Oceans) and diverging from the existing competitive factors (Red Oceans).

The goal is to find value innovations that can create new demand and shift the focus from competition to creating and capturing new demand, thus enabling strategic growth and differentiation.

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Strategy Canvas

In PrometAI's Strategy Canvas, key competitive factors in the financial technology industry might include user-friendliness, AI sophistication, price, customer support, and data security. Plotting these factors, we see that while most competitors focus heavily on AI sophistication and data security, there's an opportunity in emphasizing user-friendliness and superior customer support. By shifting our focus and resources to these under-served areas, PrometAI can differentiate itself in the crowded fintech market. This strategic move aims to open a new market space where PrometAI sets the standards, rather than competing on the same factors as others.