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Founder Team

The Founder Team is the cornerstone of any startup or new business venture. This team typically consists of the individuals who conceived the business idea and are committed to turning this vision into a reality. The effectiveness of a Founder Team hinges on a blend of complementary skills, shared vision, and mutual trust. It often includes individuals with diverse backgrounds, such as technical expertise, business acumen, industry knowledge, and operational skills. The Founder Team sets the strategic direction of the company, drives initial growth, and shapes the company culture. Their leadership, decision-making, and ability to adapt are crucial factors in the early and ongoing success of the business.

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Founder Team

PrometAI's Founder Team comprises a dynamic trio with complementary skills and experiences.

Narek Abgaryan, CEO: With a background in fintech and entrepreneurship, Narek brings strategic vision and business development expertise. He is responsible for setting the company's strategic direction and leading business growth initiatives.

Khachatur Nazaretyan, CTO: Khachatur, with his extensive experience in AI and machine learning, drives the technological innovation at PrometAI. He leads the development of the AI-powered financial analysis platform.

David Tarkhanyan, CFO: With a strong background in finance and operations, David oversees financial management, ensuring sustainable growth and financial health of the business.

Together, they embody a balance of leadership, innovation, and operational excellence, guiding PrometAI to achieve its mission in the fintech sector.