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About Us

Welcome to PrometAI:
Revolutionizing Financial Intelligence and Decision Making

PrometAI is not just an application; it's a visionary leap into the future of financial decision-making and business intelligence. Born from the fusion of advanced AI technology and deep financial expertise, PrometAI is designed to transform how professionals and individuals make financial decisions and allocate resources.

In this Phase, PrometAI offers an AI-driven platform that specializes in generating comprehensive Business Plans and Valuations. It caters to the needs of a wide range of finance and business professionals, providing tools and industry-best standard blueprints that elevate the game of Business Plans.

Future Map of PrometAI

In its ultimate development phase, PrometAI is set to become an indispensable tool across the financial and business spectrum. Here's what the future holds:


Proof of Concept (PoC)


We embarked on our journey with the automatic generation of business plans, focusing on a single template to test and refine our core capabilities. The initial phase featured basic UI/UX to lay the groundwork for a more sophisticated and user-friendly interface.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Moving beyond the PoC, our MVP expanded to include automatic generation of both business plans and valuations. We introduced multiple templates and a dynamic structure, allowing users to customize according to their specific needs.


Phase I

Coming Soon

With the introduction of Co-Pilot, our platform began acting as a finance buddy, guiding users through complex financial decisions and enhancing their understanding of key business elements. We also expanded the scope of presentations and further enhanced our AI's analytical prowess, providing users with more detailed and insightful reports.


Phase II

In Progress

Integration with other ERP systems marked our commitment to seamless data management and interoperability. We prioritized data security, implementing advanced protocols to safeguard user information. Our solutions became more robust, catering to the intricate needs of banks and financial institutions with AI-enhanced QA for compliance and reporting standards.


Phase III

In Progress

PrometAI's transformation into a comprehensive ERP solution signified a major leap forward. The introduction of a Projects room facilitated better collaboration and project management, while our consulting and mentorship programs began to empower users with knowledge and strategic insight.


Phase IV

In Progress

Our vision culminates in a comprehensive AI-driven platform, encompassing all aspects of financial management including bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, analysis, capital raising, and consulting. This all-in-one platform is designed to be the ultimate financial co-pilot, driving businesses and professionals towards more informed decisions and successful outcomes.


PrometAI envisions a future where intelligent technology is at the core of every financial decision. We aspire to set the global benchmark in financial strategy, turning businesses and individuals alike into paragons of efficiency and foresight. Our goal is to redefine the financial landscape, making advanced analysis and strategic planning tools universally accessible, empowering economic growth and innovation worldwide. In this future, PrometAI is the essential partner for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of finance with confidence and clarity.