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COGS Formation Narrative

The Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Formation Narrative details the direct costs associated with the production of goods or services that a company offers. This includes material costs, direct labor costs, manufacturing overhead, and any other direct expenses incurred during production. For service-oriented businesses, COGS might include the cost of labor, software used for service delivery, and direct service delivery costs. It's essential to accurately calculate COGS to determine the gross margin, which is a critical indicator of a company's financial health and efficiency. Understanding COGS also helps in pricing strategies and cost control measures. This narrative should give stakeholders a clear picture of the components that contribute to the cost of production or service delivery and how these are managed within the business.

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COGS Formation Narrative

For PrometAI, our COGS primarily involves costs associated with developing and maintaining our AI-driven financial analysis platform:

Software Development Costs: These are the major component of our COGS and include expenses related to our software development team, comprising salaries, benefits, and any outsourced development costs.

Technology and Infrastructure Costs: This includes the costs of servers, cloud services, and other technology infrastructure necessary to support our platform.

Licensing Fees: Costs for any third-party software or data sources that are integral to our service offering.

Support and Maintenance Costs: Direct costs involved in providing ongoing customer support and platform maintenance.

Our focus on efficient development practices and strategic technology partnerships helps in controlling these costs, ensuring our COGS remains manageable while maintaining high-quality service delivery. Regular analysis of our COGS components allows us to identify areas for cost optimization and efficiency improvements.